BIOG: I am an artist and filmmaker based in South Wales, UK.

I have a degree in Art Education and an MA in Film from Screen Academy Wales, Newport. I have worked as an art educator for many years and more recently as a freelance lighting cameraperson; I also continue to practice as a painter and regularly exhibit.

Some of my films are extensions of my paintings which have always demanded to move a little and invariably depict men sat at tables. These men involve themselves in small, often pathetic acts which betray typical male archetypes. I use self-reflexivity, contradiction, happenstance and sometimes humour; always in an attempt to uncover a little poetry.

Another strand of my work involves the notion of ‘place’; I am interested in how space is depicted on the filmic plane and in the contradictions that this can generate; sometimes I use anaglyph 3D video to further complicate matters.